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6v3 Transition Game and Aerobic Power

By Alex Trukan This practice is aimed at developing players’ aerobic power which is responsible for recovery speed in between high intensity actions. Players with more powerful aerobic system will be able to make more sprints and bursts with their fatigue building up slower. This game also focuses on possession to play away from pressure

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Benefits of Passing Backwards

By Alex Trukan Passing backwards is generally considered by many fans as boring and rather pointless. Although, going backwards is probably more common for possession tiki-taka type of tactics, it is still considered as undesirable, with the highest priority to go forwards whenever possible. Completely agreed, however, regardless of the team’s style of play, a

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Exploiting Transitions Game

By Alex Trukan This game is focused on developing anaerobic energy system which is responsible for high intensity, short actions during the match. It is especially important in transition phases when every second counts. Both in transition to defence and attack, speed of reaction is crucial. This practice challenges players to make quick decisions upon

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