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Front Third Possession Progression

By Steven Smith This session is designed to move through a sequence toward emphasizing possession in the front third. The coach must focus his or her attention on the act of possession as feedback is given in each activity. Safety in controlling and owning the ball is of highest priority. The final activity will be functionally

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1 v 1 Short Intensive – Transition Muscle Tension Activity

By Anthony Hazelwood The following activity is a short intensive 1 vs. 1 transition exercise intended to train the players explosive and soccer specific muscle strength. The specific fitness target is intermittent endurance while adapting the player’s anaerobic capacity in a small sided group format. In this activity, groups of players go through two sequences:

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Quick Finishing with Duels

By Alex Trukan The following practice is aimed at improving players’ repetitive short sprinting power. This conditioning element is responsible for maintaining the quantity of high intensity actions throughout the whole game. Therefore, players will be able to make sprints and bursts even towards the end of the match without loss in its’ quality. The

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1v1 with Recovering Defender

This week’s Animated Drills Video is of a 1v1 format that encourages the attacker to move quickly to avoid the pressure of the recovering defender. The diagrams are created with the session planner on Planet Training that is available through from Planet.Training. How would you progress this activity? Share your ideas in the comments section

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Staying on the Ball to Develop Strength

By Alex Trukan This type of practice is designed to develop strength to stay on the ball under pressure. It will heavily overload leg muscles and joints, forming new connections and increasing their stability. This will help players to be more effective not only in staying on the ball, but also in physical duels both

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