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Front Third Possession Progression

By Steven Smith This session is designed to move through a sequence toward emphasizing possession in the front third. The coach must focus his or her attention on the act of possession as feedback is given in each activity. Safety in controlling and owning the ball is of highest priority. The final activity will be functionally

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Prevent the opponents from getting depth from the counter

By Philip Joe Cauchi Introduction: Moments of transition are crucial for many teams with the aim of getting advantage of the disorganised state of the opponents and hit them back on the break before they are able to recover. Being organised and ready for the negative transition is called preventive marking. Preventive marking involves having

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Small Group Defending

By Steven Smith This training session emphasizes small group play and defending the vital zone with crossed balls. Finishing activities designed to give repetition will also be a focus. Lesson 1: Brazilian Warm-up Setup: Three to four sets of the triangles are set up as shown in the first diagram. Three players are in each triangle

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Three centre backs out of possession roles in 5-3-2

By Alex Trukan Playing with three centre backs as opposed to two, gives many additional options for protection in defense. It helps to prevent the opposition from exploiting half spaces that normally appear between centre back and full back. It also gives more opportunities for centre backs to step forwards and press opposition midfielders. Most

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Defend in a Deep Lying Block Defense – Aerobic Power

By Anthony Hazelwood Defend in a Deep Lying Block Defense – Aerobic Power.   Defend in a Deep Lying Block Defense – Aerobic Power.   The following activity coaches a team to defend in a deep lying block defense. The specific fitness target is transient endurance while adapting the player’s aerobic power in an extended small-sided format.

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Finishing and Defending

By Anthony Hazelwood The following activity is a short intensive finishing and defending exercise intended to train the players explosive and soccer specific muscle strength. The specific fitness target is intermittent endurance while adapting the player’s anaerobic capacity in a small sided group format. In this activity, groups of players go through three sequences: Muscle

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