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High pressing in 1-3-5-2

By Alex Trukan Using three centre backs and two wingbacks is now widely discussed and utilised strategy in modern football. It has numerous advantages when attacking: creating overloads centrally, strikers’ duo up front or, flexibility on the wings. In addition to this, it offers obvious strong protection at the back with good options to counter

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Creating opportunities for centre backs to step in

By Alex Trukan With many teams able to defend effectively using compact blocks and denying any available options, it is important to find additional gains attacking team might use to break them down. One of the possibilities to gain further advantage is utilising centre backs higher up the pitch on the opposition half. It is

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Three centre backs out of possession roles in 5-3-2

By Alex Trukan Playing with three centre backs as opposed to two, gives many additional options for protection in defense. It helps to prevent the opposition from exploiting half spaces that normally appear between centre back and full back. It also gives more opportunities for centre backs to step forwards and press opposition midfielders. Most

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