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Prevent the opponents from getting depth from the counter

By Philip Joe Cauchi Introduction: Moments of transition are crucial for many teams with the aim of getting advantage of the disorganised state of the opponents and hit them back on the break before they are able to recover. Being organised and ready for the negative transition is called preventive marking. Preventive marking involves having

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Transition For Quick Counter-Attacks

By Lawrence Fine, Author of the FineSoccer Coaching Bible.

Welcome to the FineSoccer Drills Newsletter. Today’s featured activity works on transition for quick counter attacks.

Start with 5 attackers (2 forwards and 3 midfielders) attacking a goal with a keeper, 4 backs and 2 midfielders.


Next we add 2 outside midfielders for the defending team BUT they do not get involved with

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Successful Counter Attacks

By Waleed Zaghloul

Counter attacks are a great weapon in football and have been used by numerous teams over the years to great effect. This weapon is not utilized effectively by many youth teams in the US, possibly because it is difficult to teach. As coaches, before we can coach counter attacks, it might be useful to analyze the components of most successful counter attacks. In this article, we will dissect counter attacks and attempt to identify their main components and how they are carried out.

This article references this video clip made up of various examples of classic counter attack situations.

First, players (and coaches of course) need to identify when counter attacks are possible. There are two main scenarios, one from open play and one from set-pieces. From open play, it is usually a bad or an intercepted pass from a team that is attacking in numbers. From set-pieces, it is usually

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