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Diamond Combination Play to Shoot

This week's Animated Drills Video shows a diamond shooting activity that I first described on the CoachingSoccerWeekly.com podcast in episode 166. There are many different combinations that you could run from this setup but today I show you three that I've done with my teams.  The diagram is being created with the Academy Soccer

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Attacking Through the Striker

By Steven Smith This session is designed to support target play especially coming from the midfield central players. Many modifications can be made to have the striker receive from various positions on the field. Activity 1: Dutch Squares Warm-up Setup: Three square grids are set up with 10-yard by 10-yard dimensions with barrier space between each

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Teaching Attacking Principles

By Steven Smith This session is designed to support the following attacking principles: Direct when possible o Defined by longest ball forward that maintains possession or puts us in a better scoring opportunity. May be to the forward, may be over the top of defense may be to other players. Preferences:  To the forwards feet

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