#295- Triggers and 7v7 activity

In this Episode

  • What are triggers
    • Moments in the game that prompt an action
      • Defensive phase
        • Pressing
          • Example when the opponent controls the ball badly
          • When the forward cuts off a passing lane into the middle of the field
        • When to tackle in 1v1
          • When the opponent makes a mistake
        • Offensive phase
          • How to move off the ball
            • Example: When the ball goes to the CDM signal full backs to go inverted and CAM to attack their Center D
          • Attacking Transition
            • When we win the ball
              • Play to the spin of the team to give yourself time to spread out
            • Defensive transition
              • When we lose the ball
                • In the final third press hard
                • In the middle third cut off passing lanes and press with just the forwards
                • In our third cut off passing lanes to the middle and push them to the corner flags
              • The power of triggers
                • Keeps everyone on the same page
              • 2v2+4

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