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Dealing with 1v1 Defending Situations

By Philip Joe Cauchi Introduction: In this session we are going to raise the players’ bar in dealing with 1v1 defending situations starting from different positions. This will develop the players’ mental abilities to quickly recognise how their position should be in relation to the ball and the goal they are defending. From these situations

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How to Create Width and Stretch the Opposing Defense

By Philip Joe Cauchi Introduction: Wingers or lateral midfielders play a highly important role in any system of play. Their main aim is to create width in attack by stretching the opposition’s defence. However, there is mainly two ways which this can be accomplished. A winger might be instructed to play inside closer to the

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Central Midfielders’ Runs Behind the Back Line

By Alex Trukan Typical penetration in behind the opposition’s back line involves a striker or a winger running off defenders’ shoulder to a well-timed pass. This approach, however is relatively easy to defend against as striker remains within defender’s vision and his starting position is predictable. Much more complex to defend against are forward runs

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Screening Forward Passes

By Alex Trukan Forward passes breaking the lines can be very dangerous and hard to defend against. Many modern teams try to break out from the back line by passing accurately on the ground, usually directly into the striker or winger. When trying to defend this type of attacking strategy, compactness, organisation, screening and marking

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Building from the Back with Two Defensive Midfielders

By Alex Trukan With many teams choosing to build up from the back through the thirds, as well as playing with a midfield three, one of the important things to consider becomes the role of central midfielders. One of the options to choose from is to play with two defensive midfielders operating in front of

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Movements to Get Full Backs the Ball

By Alex Trukan There are many types of movements off the ball that full backs try – overlaps, underlaps, third man runs. In many situations, however, these movements don’t lead to full backs getting on the ball. Rather than that, these are often used to create space for other players and unbalance the opposition defensive

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