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Two Passing and Moving Warm-Up Activities

In this week's Animated Drills Video we look at two warm-up activities that will help your players prepare technically, physically for games and training sessions. They incorporate passing, receiving, movement and awareness. The diagram is being created with the Academy Soccer Coach software. See more at www.academysoccercoach.co.uk Tom

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Diamond Passing and Movement

By Mike Smith This session contains several simple patterns of passing and movement, based on a diamond shape, which are especially good for training midfield and attacking movement in the offensive third. Lesson 1 Two Ball Pass and Move Set Up Groups of 4 players set up in a diamond made of 8 cones spaced 7-10

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Hit the Lane

By Mike Smith This session focuses on passing accuracy first, movement second and combined vision and timing third. This is a great session to sharpen up passing accuracy while building into a 4 man combination attack. Lesson 1 Three Passing Stations Set Up Set up three stations as shown on the diagram. The bottom station is

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Cogi Change of Direction and Opening Up

This week's Animated Drills Video shows a functional passing and support pattern that will encourage players to create passing options for their players after passing the ball backward. The diagrams are created with the session planner on Planet Training that is available through from Planet.Training. How would you progress this activity? Share your ideas in the

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Movements to Get Full Backs the Ball

By Alex Trukan There are many types of movements off the ball that full backs try – overlaps, underlaps, third man runs. In many situations, however, these movements don’t lead to full backs getting on the ball. Rather than that, these are often used to create space for other players and unbalance the opposition defensive

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Three Square Passing Game

By Steven Smith Three Squares Area Size: For groups of six’s or seven’s a square grid of 44X44 (progressively smaller sized grids inside of larger grid) Teams: Three groups of six or seven (or other numbers as coach chooses) Time: 10-12 minutes Objective: Increase passing skills in teams of all developmental levels Narrative Taking risks and

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