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Cogi 1v1 Game

This week's Animated Drill Video is a 1v1 activity in the Cogi Training Pattern. There are also many different variation that you can use from this basic pattern. [wpsharely id="6889"][wpsharely][/wpsharely] The diagram is being created with the session planner on Planet Training that is available through the Member Drills Database. Please share your ideas for variations of this

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Small-Sided Games to Encourage Combination Play

For me, the beginning of the season revolves around getting a group of players to work together within a framework of a system. Lately that system has been the 4-3-3. This involves teaching each player the role and responsibility of their position: How the defenders work together to stop attacks and win the ball. How the midfielders connect the team together. How the attackers create goalscoring opportunities. All of this gives the players a starting point but the most important learning comes next.

Helping the players to think and act creatively within the framework of the system is what will

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Giving Players Confidence to Go 1 v 1

I've seen coaches run sessions that work on executing fakes and moves. Then when I watched the team play there was no sign of any moves. Why bother working on them if the players aren't going to use them in the game?

If you ask players why they don't try the moves in games they'll tell you that they are afraid of making a mistake. That tells me that the coach has not built confidence to actually use the moves into his or her session.

It's not complicated or difficult to build the confidence needed to use the moves in the game but as with all confidence it must be built on success.

This simple progression will help your players become more

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Attacking With Creativity

Take a virtual pitch side seat and watch how Chelsea Academy Coach, Chris Woodward trains players to move, think and react so they can be more creative in attack   This special six-part video series runs you through a complete creative attacking session with Chelsea Academy Coach Chris Woodward. Watch how Woodward trains a group of

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