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Giving Players Confidence to Go 1 v 1

I've seen coaches run sessions that work on executing fakes and moves. Then when I watched the team play there was no sign of any moves. Why bother working on them if the players aren't going to use them in the game?

If you ask players why they don't try the moves in games they'll tell you that they are afraid of making a mistake. That tells me that the coach has not built confidence to actually use the moves into his or her session.

It's not complicated or difficult to build the confidence needed to use the moves in the game but as with all confidence it must be built on success.

This simple progression will help your players become more

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Tell Them or Ask Them?

I recently came across a blog post that touched on a topic that I wrote about a number of years ago. The difference between 'telling' a player what to do and 'asking' them what they should do is the difference between the player making the right choice once and the player understanding why it's the right choice.

Here is a link to the post. I would credit the author but I couldn't find their information on the site.

Each weekend I coach five or six games. Because I

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