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Don't Just Follow Your Pass

This week's Animated Drills Video shows how I've changed the movement patterns I use in technical training activities. I first described this on the CoachingSoccerWeekly.com podcast in episode 169.  The diagram is being created with the Academy Soccer Coach software. See more at www.academysoccercoach.co.uk Have a great week! Tom

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Receiving, Passing and Dribbling

By Anthony Hazelwood - The ability to successfully control a ball during a receiving or dribbling action is crucial to meet individual and team tactical agendas. This activity aids the player to practice a first touch into a vacant space action and to follow it up with a dribbling change of direction activity. Technical Activity:

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Individual Passing and Receiving

By Anthony Hazelwood - Passing and receiving a soccer ball during a match is a penetrative or possession-based action between a pair of soccer players. The ability to perform these actions will be dictated by a decision-making process guided by the presented on-field scenarios. To solve these on-field situations, these two points should be considered:

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Vitesse Arnhem - Dutch Wine Glass

This week's Animated Drills Video shows you a classic Dutch passing activity. This is an activity that you can find in the Member Drills Database section of the WCC Training Center. The diagram is created with the session planner on Planet Training that is available through from Planet.Training. Have a great week! Tom

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Receiving Out of the Air

By Chris Kouns USSF A License (USSF Coaching Education Instructor) – NSCAA Premier Diploma (NSCAA Coaching Education Associate Staff Coach) – Head Women’s Soccer Coach – Georgia Gwinnett College In these activities we are working on players improving their ability to receive balls in the air with different surfaces of the body. Receiving in the

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Dutch Y Passing Pattern

This week's Animated Drill Video includes a very functional passing pattern that can be progressed in many different ways and turned into a shooting pattern as well. [wpsharely id="6889"][wpsharely][/wpsharely] The diagram is being created with the session planner on Planet Training that is available through the Member Drills Database. Please share your ideas for variations of this exercise in the

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