Movement and the Set Position

By Wayne Henderson -

The goalkeeper stars in a central position as shown in diagram 1

The goalkeeper reacts to the instruction from the coach to move to the right or the left. The keeper moves quickly into position to deal with the serve from feeder 1 or 2.

The service can be varied depending on the age of the goalkeeper, for example if the keeper is younger, the feeder can opt to throw the ball or kick from hand.

It is important that the feeders do not play the ball too early – let the goalkeeper get into a good set position before they serve. This drill is slightly repetitious, so coaches should make sure the feeders maintain good quality service throughout the drill, in order to allow the goalkeepers to make good quality saves.


After making the 1st save the goalkeeper moves in front of the central cone and takes a shot at goal from feeder number 3 from central area outside the 18 yard box. The strike from feeder number 3 can be varied i.e. strike from hand or ground.

Coaching Points
Goalkeepers must ensure that their weight is forwards and move into a set position before the feeder strikes the ball. Don’t be on the move when the ball is being struck and good quality handling is always asked for.

By Wayne Henderson

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