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Movement OFF the Ball

Welcome to the FineSoccer Drills Newsletter.  Today’s featured game works on movement off the ball and the use of depth in the attack.  You can see similar type games in the book Brazilian Training Games; 102 Small-Sided Games, Exercises and Drills.

There is a tendency for forwards to come back far to get the ball and while their eagerness to be involved is commendable, the problem is it makes it difficult to stretch the field in the attack.  This makes it easier for the opponent to compress the field when defending and eliminates a lot of space to work with,

This game is on a field that is 50 x 30 (size can vary depending upon the number of players on the field) with two teams of 6.  Use flags (or poles) to make a goal 10 yards in from each end line.

This is a regular game with the exception that a team can score from

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