Movement, Shot Blocking and Rebounds

Welcome to the Goalkeeping Newsletter.  Today's featured activity works on movement, shot blocking and rebounds.

Start with a keeper in goal, player 1 even with a goal post 12 yards out and player 2 15 yards out with a ball.

The keeper starts by positioning himself to cut off the angle as if player 1 is about to shoot.

Player 2 takes a short touch of the ball and the keeper has to quickly reposition himself to save the second touch while will be a shot.

While the shot is being hit player 1 is following the shot to try to finish any rebounds.

If you have four keepers involved in a training session you can do a rotation where after player 1 follows the shot he becomes the next keeper.  After player 2 shoots he takes the place of player 1. The keeper steps off to rest and the fourth keeper becomes the shooter.

You can also vary the angles in this activity to create different type of game situations.

Have a great day!


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