Conditioning With Technical Training

Adding technical training into conditioning is a great way to ‘kill 2 birds with 1 stone”.  This activity will first show you an example of this and then add a second bit of technical work to really challenge the players.

Start with some low hurdles 1 yard apart starting 40 yards from goal.  There is a keeper in goal and the field players are in a line each with a ball.  The server (or a resting field player) is to the side of the hurdle closest to the goal.

The first player in line passes to the server and then goes over each of the hurdles as fast as he can.  He then shoots (either first touch or second touch).

As soon as the player is over the last hurdle the next player starts.  By adding the technical part after the conditioning part, it challenges the player to maintain their focus and concentrate throughout the activity.

When going over the hurdles you can vary the method.  It could be simple knees up and sprint through or on legged hopping or two legged hopping or any number of variations.

Next we add the second goal.  There is a goal and a keeper on the side line and after the first shot the player must then sprint toward the second goal, receive a pass from a server and shoot to this second goal.

By adding this second goal and second shot it adds a little bit more conditioning and a lot more focus.

Just something to think about.

Have a great day!


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