Shot Blocking and Positioning

Welcome to the Goalkeeping Newsletter.  Today’s featured activity works on shot blocking, footwork, fitness and positioning.

Start with a keeper at one post, servers with balls 8 yards out on an angle from the corners of the 6, a server at the 12 yard spot with a ball and two cones making a 4 yard wide goal 4 yards off the goal line.

The server closest to the ball starts by shooting toward the far post and low so the keeper should be able to save the ball with a quick collapse dive

The keeper makes the save, returns the ball and then sprints through the cones to save a shot from the middle server

The keeper makes this save and then returns the ball to the center server.  The center server then tosses a high ball to toward the cross bar and then keeper has to use proper footwork to get back and make the save.

The keeper makes the save by either catching the ball or tipping it over the cross bar and then makes a save from the third server played at the near post.

With 2-3 keepers this would be a fast moving activity with the second keeper starting as soon as the first one is finished.  Do this 4 times and then change directions.

Have a great day!


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