Improving Making Low Saves

By Patrick Kasperitis -

This exercise works the functional movement of diving to save low shots that are a little bit closer to the body. When looking at this type of shot we want to make sure that we address the issues of:

  • the first step of the dive
  • diving with our hands going towards the ground first (to minimize the chances of the ball going under the hands)
  • Keeping our chest facing the field in the dive and propelling through as we make contact with the ball in order to parry.

Exercise is set up as such:

  • One goalkeeper will work at a time
  • Take two tall hurdles (should sit about hip high) and place them 4 meters apart
  • One server will start about 8-10 meters away.

Exercise begins with a volley into hands, toss ball back, then a volley into a basket catch, toss ball back. After ball is tossed back a second time, the ball is rolled to the outside of one of the hurdles. Goalkeepers are to dive underneath the hurdle to make a diving save to catch or to parry.

Part 1

Technique of Diving for Low Balls

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Part 2

Technique of Diving for Low Balls (2)

By Patrick Kasperitis - Graduate Assitant Women's Soccer Coach - St Mary's University, SA United Junior Program Goalkeeping Director, South Texas ODP Staff


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