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Improving Making Low Saves

By Patrick Kasperitis -

This exercise works the functional movement of diving to save low shots that are a little bit closer to the body. When looking at this type of shot we want to make sure that we address the issues of:

  • the first step of the dive
  • diving with our hands going towards the ground first (to minimize the chances of the ball going under the hands)
  • Keeping our chest facing the field in the dive and propelling through as we make contact with the ball in order to parry.

Exercise is set up as such:

  • One goalkeeper will work at a time
  • Take two tall hurdles (should sit about hip high) and place them 4 meters apart
  • One server will start about 8-10 meters away.

Exercise begins with a volley into hands, toss ball back, then a volley into a basket catch, toss ball back. After ball is tossed back a second time, the

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Why Goalkeepers Need to Master the Drop-Step

By Lawrence Fine, Author of the FineSoccer Coaching Bible.

Welcome to the Goalkeeping Newsletter. Today’s featured activity works on the drop step.

The drop step is extremely important for the keeper when he is off his line and the ball is chipped toward to cross bar. The way he executes the drop step is if he is doing a drop step with his right foot, he turns his lower body to his right and his right foot goes straight back (making a 90 degree turn).

This activity starts with 3 cones making a triangle. Two cones are just a bit wider than the keepers normal stance and the third cone is 2 yards straight back. The keeper starts between the first two cones and a server is 10 yards in front with a ball.


The server starts by playing a ball right

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