Footwork, Fitness, Balance and Catching

By Lawrence Fine, Author of the FineSoccer Coaching Bible.

Welcome to the Goalkeeping Newsletter. Today’s featured activity works on footwork, fitness, balance and catching.

Start with a speed ladder on the ground and a keeper on one end facing a server who has a ball.


The keeper starts by hopping (with two feet) into the first hole, then hopping in front of the ladder and then the server plays a ball. The keeper catches the ball.



The keeper then returns the ball to the server, hops backwards back through the ladder.



This continue all the way down the line and then back.

Next, you can do the same thing but this time it’s hopping on one leg only. For example, if we start with the right leg, the keeper stays on the right leg, while going forward, while catching the ball and then while hopping backwards. The left foot doesn’t touch the ground until the keeper has gone all the way down the line and back. As soon as the keeper goes down the line and back he switches to the left leg and does the same thing.

You can also do things such as knees to chest jumps, receiving high balls, receiving low balls, forward dives etc.

There are many options and this is a great way to work on footwork, fitness,balance and catching.

Have a great day!


By Lawrence Fine, Author of the FineSoccer Coaching Bible.

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