Stance, Footwork and Fitness

Welcome to the Goalkeeping Newsletter.  Today’s featured activity works on stance, footwork and fitness.

Start with two keepers facing each other in a proper keeper stance (in the diagram below, the red keeper isn’t in a proper position because I’m somewhat limited in the positions I have available with the graphics but assume he were in a proper stance)

One of the keepers is assigned the role of leader.  The other keeper is the “mirror”.  If the red player is the leader the black player has to match him step for step.  If the red player moves to his right, the left player moves to his left.

If the red player moves to his left the black player moves to his right.

If the red player moves diagonally backwards to his right, the black player moves diagonally to his left

The leader tries to lose his mirror so changes directions suddenly.

The leader does this for 1 minute and then they take a 1 minute break and then they switch roles for another minute.

To add more fitness, do this for 2 or even 3 minute periods.

I suggested this activity many years ago and still believe it’s a great way to work on stance, footwork and fitness (as well as some focus)

Have a great day!


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