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Serving Shots From a Close Distance to the GK

By Lawrence Fine, Author of the FineSoccer Coaching Bible.

Welcome to the Goalkeeping Newsletter. Today’s featured activity works on good stance, quick reactions and holding the ball.

Start with a keeper and a server 3 yards apart. The server has a ball at his feet.


The key here is the closeness of the keeper to the server. The further away from each other they are, the easier

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Stance, Footwork and Fitness

Welcome to the Goalkeeping Newsletter.  Today’s featured activity works on stance, footwork and fitness.

Start with two keepers facing each other in a proper keeper stance (in the diagram below, the red keeper isn’t in a proper position because I’m somewhat limited in the positions I have available with the graphics but assume he were in a proper stance)

One of the keepers is assigned the role of leader.  The other keeper is the “mirror”.  If the red player is the

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Different Goalkeeping Stances

Welcome to the Goalkeeping Newsletter.  Today’s topic addresses the different stances of a keeper depending upon the positioning of the defense.

Frequently, when we speak about a keepers stance we are referring to their stance when they are preparing for a shot. In this stance, the knees are bent, the hands are out front, the shoulders are directly above the knees, the chest would be perpendicular to the projected flight of the ball etc.

The thing to keep in mind is there are other stances and body positions as well.  The first one that comes to mind is the

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