Crossing a Moving Ball Quickly

Welcome to the FineSoccer Drills Newsletter.  Today’s featured activity works on quick serves.

Serving the ball from out wide is an important part of the game but it’s not good enough to just be able to serve a stationary ball or a slow moving ball, it’s important to be able to get to it quickly, and get the ball served.  This activity works on that skill

Start with a server near the corner of the D with balls.  An outside player starts out wide even with the 18.  There are 2 gates set up in the 18

The server starts by playing the ball toward the corner.  The wide player must get to the ball quickly, and server the ball between one of the two gates

It’s important for the player to bend his run so his hips are facing the target when serving the ball.  While there is an emphasis on getting the ball served quickly there also needs to be an emphasis on quality and accuracy of the passes

The player then sprints back to the starting point and does the same thing again. Do this 10 times at full speed.  The server should challenge the player to get to the ball and keep it in play.  If absolutely necessary the player can take a touch before serving but that should be a last option.

Next, do the same thing but this time the server plays the ball right at the wide player who must use the first touch to get the ball down toward the end line and then serve the ball with the second touch

Make sure you do this from both sides

Have a great day!


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