Possession in a Compact Space with a Surrounding Circuit

By Daniel Severn

This weeks’ focus is on keeping possession of the ball when working with limited space. To make this even more challenging, I have added a conditioning circuit around the outside of the ‘possession area’. This practice will help develop concentration in possession when tiring, whilst developing a better endurance.

We will have three teams, each with four players, working here. Two teams will compete in a 4v4 possession game with conditions. The third team will perform techniques around the circuit.

Set Up and Directions

Possession in Tight Areas wCircuit

The possession game takes place within the 20x20yd area.

Two teams compete to keep possession of the ball. Depending on the age of the players, I will often put a ‘Two-Touch’ limit on the individuals. If any player takes three touches or more, they must give the ball to the opposition before playing on.

A team scores a point by completing a five pass combination. The winners are the team with the most points when time is up.

The conditioning circuit is performed individually. Each player has a ball and will start in different areas of the circuit. The circuit is performed in a clockwise rotation.

Station 1 – Measured Pass with Agility. Here the player must pass the ball from one flag and try to get the ball to stop at the next flag. As soon as the player makes the pass, they must run to the ladder, perform agility movements (shuffle/quick feet) through the ladder, before retrieving the ball and moving towards the next station.

Station 2 – Close control dribbling. Here the player must dribble the ball as quickly as possible around the outside of each cone. To change direction they must only use the sole of their foot.

Station 3 – Same as ‘Station 1’.

Station 4 – Same as ‘Station 2’ but instead of using the sole of the foot to change direction, the player must use the outsides of the feet to cut around the cone.

The exercise continues for 3 minutes. Once time is up, the teams have a 30 second break. During this time the team that was performing on the circuit moves to play possession and one of the teams playing possession moves to the circuit. This is repeated until all of the teams have completed the circuit three times (time and repetitions dependant on age).

To add to the intensity of the ball possession game, you can play ‘Winner Stay’s on’. Meaning the team that ‘wins’ the possession games, gets to stay in the middle and avoid the conditioning circuit. This will increase the pressure from the defending team and create a more game-like scenario for the players in the middle.

I hope you enjoy this one,

Program Director
BRASA Brazilian Soccer Academy

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