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Technical Circuit to develop Short Sprinting Endurance

By Alex Trukan This practice is aimed at developing an ability to maintain high quality of physical actions throughout the whole game. This means that for example sprinting or explosive bursts will be more consistent even towards the end of the match. From technical point of view, the practice involves variations of running with the

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Conditioning With a Finishing Circuit

By Daniel Severn

This week we have an easy to set up, fun, but hard working exercise. This exercise works well using 7+ players. This game involves tons of shooting so it is always easy to get the player motivated and on your side straight away for this one. It is a very rich exercise as we see shots from different angles in situations. One v Ones, Long Range Shooting and Crossing and Finishing are all included in this exercise.

Set Up and Directions
The exercise is set up as shown below. Three lines of players are set up as shown in the diagram below. As we see in the picture, left to right, we have the One v One line, the Long Range Shooting line and the Crossing and Finishing line.

Finishing Stations1

Play begins with our first player running in a one versus one with the goalkeeper. While player one attempts the one v one, player two is

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Fitness and Technical Circuit Training in Pairs

By Jebreel Bubtana

This is a great way to work on your player’s fitness and technical ability on the ball, with passing, first touch and dribbling included in the circuit.

Get your team to partner up and set up the field as shown below in figure 1.

Article 23 - Fitness and Technical Circuit Training in Pairs

There are 5 stations in this circuit described in more detail below:

Station 1 – The player without the ball must shuffle through the ladders as quickly as possible. After this is done, that player then

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Agility, Receiving and Dribbling Circuit

By Daniel Severn

This week we focus on agility and technique. Agility plays a huge part in a players’ ability to perform in a game, soccer has so many changes of direction and the more agile players have the best chance of reacting in many different situations – defending, dribbling, intercepting passes to name a few. Technique is also key to a players’ performance, without a good first touch and dribbling skills, a players game can become limited. Developing these aspects of the game can only enhance performance.

This circuit is designed to work groups of 2 or 3 players at a time. I would set up 5 stations exactly the same to allow a full team to work at the same time.

Set Up and Directions
Each station should be set up as shown below. If you do not have a ladder you could use cones to mark out the agility aspect of the mini course.

Agility, Receiving and Dribbling Circuit - 1

Player one begins at the start of the ladder and Player two will begin with

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Possession in a Compact Space with a Surrounding Circuit

By Daniel Severn

This weeks’ focus is on keeping possession of the ball when working with limited space. To make this even more challenging, I have added a conditioning circuit around the outside of the ‘possession area’. This practice will help develop concentration in possession when tiring, whilst developing a better endurance.

We will have three teams, each with four players, working here. Two teams will compete in a 4v4 possession game with conditions. The third team will perform techniques around the circuit.

Set Up and Directions

Possession in Tight Areas wCircuit

The possession game takes place within the 20x20yd area.

Two teams compete to keep possession of the ball. Depending on the

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Conditioning with a Technique and Conditioning Circuit

This conditioning article has been created by Gabriel Celante when he was running preseason training for BRASA – Brazilian Soccer Academy. The session helps to improve both aerobic and anaerobic fitness through an economical and dynamic circuit.


Divide the field as showed in the diagram.

Small Sided Game   Pliometric

  • 3v3 Small Sided Game in the middle.
  • Agility and Plyometric circuit around the 3v3 field.
  • 4 teams of 3 players – Orange, Yellow, Black, and White.