Speed and Agility Circuit with the Ball

By Jebreel Bubtana

Improving your player’s speed and agility will help them get to the ball just ahead of their opponent, so working on this is something that every coach should be doing.

Set up the field as shown below (figure 1).


Each stage of the circuit is broken down as below:

  1. The players must run by placing both feet in the ladders as quickly as possible.
  2. Hop over each hurdle on their right leg.
  3. The feeder throws the ball to the working player, who must volley the ball back with their left foot twice.
  4. Shuffle through the flags quickly.
  5. Receive the ball from the feeder, control the ball and shoot on goal.

As shown in the diagram, the same circuit is set up on both sides of the goal. Both players will go at the same time but on the other side of the goal, the player must hop over the hurdles using their left foot and perform the two volleys with their right foot.

Coaching Points:

  • In the first stage where the players are running through the hurdles, ensure that their arms are pumping in the correct running motion.
  • Low body position when shuffling through the flags.
  • Despite the fatigue, ensure that the players are using the correct volley and shooting techniques and don’t get lazy. They must be able to perform the techniques in the correct way even when they are tired, just as they are expected to in a real game.

After going through the circuit 5 times, give the players a one-minute rest before going again on the other side of the goal. By going through the ladders using the correct technique, your players will be improving their speed, hopping over the hurdles will improve the strength in their legs and shuffling through the flags using the correct technique, it will help improve their speed and change of direction.

You can change the 3rd part of the circuit and have the players receive the ball at different heights. You can also have the feeder in the 5th part of the circuit feed the ball in at different heights. Both of these will challenge the players in different ways and will force them to think about their first touch and using the correct body part.

You can also turn this into a competition between two teams, with the first player to hit the back of the net earning a goal or point for their team.

Jebreel Bubtana
Director of Marketing and U8 Programs at BRASA Brazilian Soccer Academy
USSF B License
NSCAA Advanced National Diploma
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