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Technical Circuit to develop Short Sprinting Endurance

By Alex Trukan This practice is aimed at developing an ability to maintain high quality of physical actions throughout the whole game. This means that for example sprinting or explosive bursts will be more consistent even towards the end of the match. From technical point of view, the practice involves variations of running with the

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Number Up and Number Down Game

By Alex Trukan This game is designed to improve players’ aerobic power which is responsible for the ability to produce more actions throughout the game. This will help players to be engaged and affecting the game right until the end of it. From the tactical point of view, it incorporates overload and underload scenarios which

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Shooting Combination with Starting Speed

By Alex Trukan This shooting combination practice involves working on starting speed around the penalty box. This is important for players in order to gain advantage near the goal and be able to get to the ball before the defender. This in turn will help players to get into more goal scoring situations and eventually,

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Four Corners Game

By Alex Trukan

This practice is designed to develop players’ capacity to sprint with and without the ball over short distances. The ball work is incorporated in order to link it to football specific context as well as to increase players’ motivation. In addition, players change direction and angles of runs to make it even more realistic. The exercise is ideally working with 12 players (work to rest ratio automatically managed), but it can be adapted to suit team needs.

Set Up and Directions

Organise a square of approximately 8-10 yards in length and width. Place additional cone in the middle of the square. Divide the players into four groups. Each groups’ starting position is on the

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Sprinting and Sliding Game

By Alex Trukan

Sprinting and sliding game is designed to improve acceleration and speed over short distances. That will help players to win more running and 1v1 duels as well as forward runs with and without the ball. In the presented exercise, that is connected with sliding and intercepting skills to make the physical side more context specific and engaging.

Set-Up and Directions

Organise two gates 3 yards wide and one cone in between as shown on the diagram below. Set the players in a line behind the cone with one ball each. The coach should be positioned opposite the

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Anaerobic Endurance Circuit

By Alex Trukan

This circuit is focused on improving anaerobic endurance – the ability of a body to produce high quality actions throughout the whole match. The organisation of the practice is rotational. Players are constantly involved and rotate between different exercises in a circuit. All of the exercises should be football specific and if needed, adapted to the needs of the team.

Set up and Directions

Organise four cones and four exercise stations between them as shown in the diagram. In this example, there are following exercises: dribbling square, ladder, shooting, sprinting slalom with one-touch passing. On each of the four cones, there should be a minimum of 2 players. Rotation can be in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction. It is crucial that all exercises are performed with a maximal effort. Between each station, players should jog in a slow tempo.



On the coach’s signal, one player from each group starts the practice on each station. Following instructions apply to each exercise:

  1. Dribbling square: a player dribbles to each of the four cones and touches them. Player has to return to the middle of the square before dribbling to the next cone.
  2. Ladder: different combinations of quick feet and sprinting work.
  3. Shooting: a player starts on the red cone, runs to one of the balls, shoots and comes back to the red cone before running on to the second ball and shooting on goal.
  4. Sprinting slalom and one touch pass: a player performs a slalom between the flags and then passes the ball back to the coach using one touch.
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1 v 1 Line Game

By Alex Trukan

The presented exercise is a 1v1 line dribbling game which can be used as an extensive speed endurance conditioning game. This practice is very simple to organise and manage, but at the same time due to constant involvement of players, competitive element as well as high physical load can be effectively used as a tool to develop the ability to sustain and repeat high effort activities.

Set-Up and Directions

Organise a number of rectangles of 3x5m. Divide the team into pairs. One player is an attacker and second player is a defender. Each pitch can be named after a league. For example: Premier League, Championship and League 1. That is especially useful for younger players and can be used a tournament.


The game starts by a defender passing the ball to

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‘Cone War’ Game to maintain Anaerobic Endurance

By Alex Trukan

The exercise is focused on maintaining and improving anaerobic endurance in a fun and engaging game. The organisation of the practice ensures players enjoy the work in a competitive scenario. This exercise is relevant for players of all ages and abilities.

Set up and directions

Set up a square of approximately 30x30m. Divide the team into two groups of 5 players (numbers are flexible). Players from one team have one ball each. Place number of cones in the area.


The aim of the team in possession is to knock down (put upside down) as many cones as

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Recovery Runs, Counter Attacking, Acceleration and Speed Endurance

By Justin Cresser

There are times when attacking teams are deep in their opponent’s half, but are keeping possession with the players at the back. However, if the ball is lost at the back from a poor pass or a player trying to beat an opponent off the dribble, this can be very problematic as the team that lost the ball is likely to be spread out in an attempt to provide width, and therefore out of position.

When this happens, defenders have to recover as fast as possible over a great distance and therefore require good speed endurance; whereas attackers need to make rapid decisions in terms of passes and movement off the ball and therefore acceleration and speed of reaction would be beneficial qualities to have.

Today’s activity mimics the situation described above and will involve 3 attackers counter attacking against 3 defenders and a goalie. You will need half of a regular-sized playing field for you playing area. Place two cones at the halfway at the points where the centre circle intersects the line. Place a third cone on the half way line 5 yards in from right side line. Have a player stand behind each of these cones. These will be your three attackers.

Set-up another 3 cones where your recovering defenders will start. Place a cone i) 5 yards behind the cone on the halfway line near the right touchline; ii) on the bottom edge of the centre circle so that it is in line with the centre of the goal; and iii) 5 yards in from the left touch line and 5 yards in front the half-line (Figure 1). Note: the defender on the centre circle must start facing away from goal.

Play starts with the coach playing a firm ball towards the corner flag in the top, right-hand corner of the field (for the right winger to run unto). As soon as this happens,

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