Catching and Explosiveness

Welcome to the Goalkeeping Newsletter.  Today’s featured activity works on explosiveness and catching.

Start with a line of keepers behind a hurdle (the height of the hurdle can vary but between 1-2 feet high is ideal).  A server starts with a ball 10 yards on the other side of the hurdle.

The first keeper jumps off of 2 feet over the hurdle and the server plays a ball in for the keeper to make the save.  The emphasis is on landing softly and in a set position so the keeper is NOT diving over the hurdle)

As soon as the ball is saved, the ball gets returned and the keeper goes to the end of the line and the next keeper goes.

After each keeper gets 5 turns we change it so the keeper now hops over the hurdle with one leg (this doesn’t mean runs over the hurdle but instead hops off of one leg and lands on that same leg).

The keepers do 5 on each leg.

Next the hurdle gets moved sideways and the keeper, while facing forward, jumps off of two legs over the hurdle and then makes the save.

They do this 5 times in each direction and then do the same off of each leg.

The server can vary the serves (hard, soft, high, low etc) and this is a great way to work on a keepers explosiveness, balance and catching.

Have a great day!


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