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Staying on the Ball to Develop Strength

By Alex Trukan This type of practice is designed to develop strength to stay on the ball under pressure. It will heavily overload leg muscles and joints, forming new connections and increasing their stability. This will help players to be more effective not only in staying on the ball, but also in physical duels both

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Four Finishes Knockout 1v1

By Alex Trukan This practice is focused on developing players’ explosiveness and anaerobic power. These high intensity physical qualities will help them to gain advantage in the attacking and defending duels as well as to be more effective in the penalty box when trying to get into goalscoring positions. In this practice, this is combined

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Possession Game with Finishing

By Alex Trukan This practice has multi outcomes in all corners of the game. Firstly, from the conditioning point of view, it develops explosiveness and power. That is especially required when breaking through defences and around the opposition penalty box. From the technical perspective, it includes elements of passing, combination play as well as finishing.

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Catching and Explosiveness

Welcome to the Goalkeeping Newsletter.  Today’s featured activity works on explosiveness and catching.

Start with a line of keepers behind a hurdle (the height of the hurdle can vary but between 1-2 feet high is ideal).  A server starts with a ball 10 yards on the other side of the hurdle.

The first keeper jumps off of 2 feet over the hurdle and the server plays a ball in for the keeper to make

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