Individual and Team Defending

Welcome to the FineSoccer Drills Newsletter.  Today’s progression works on individual and team defending.

Start with two grids side by side that are 10 x 20 each.  One player starts on each end line with one having a ball.

The player starting with the ball passes to the other pass and then follows the pass to become the defender

The player with the ball tries to beat the defender by dribbling across the far end line.  If the defender wins the ball he tries to dribble across the opposite end line

The defender is working on slowing the attacker down and the attacker is working on moves.  When the turn is over they switch roles and rest while the next two in their group has their turn (ideally there would be 4 total per grid).

Next we turn this into 2 v 2 so now there is only one ball and two attackers vs two defenders.

Next, have 4 defenders vs 4 attackers.

The key here is for the players to understand that defensively, they are playing as a team and not simply playing man to man.  This type of progression is an excellent way for them to understand the concepts on zonal defending.

To learn more please check out the DVD Tactics and Drills for Zonal Defending

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