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Four Types of Service

By George Kee This exercise is designed to help players improve crossing and finishing by identifying the different types of service into the box. Teams often get into crossing positions and leave the finish up to chance. Here we show players the different options of service provided from wide areas. Players also get practice finishing in

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Switching Play to Attack from Wide

By George Kee Area Size: Half Field # of Players: 12-18 Time: 20 Minutes Objectives • To develop attacking combinations used during a switch of play • To develop timing of runs in behind the backline • To understand movements of winger and full back on weak side Description: Player A starts by dribbling through gate

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Marseille under Bielsa - Attacking from Wide

By Stevie Grieve

Marcelo Bielsa is a coach who many of the great coaches have studied methods from, coaches like Pep Guardiola among many others have credited Marcelo Bielsa with provoking the way they think about the game and implement many of his ideas into their own teams. One of Bielsa’s trademarks in his traditional 3-3-1-3 /3-4-3 diamond formation was attacking wingbacks or full backs. This strategy has had to be adapted to be successful in Europe however, and he has adapted a 4-2-3-1 or flexible 4-3-3 hybrid formation with a player dropping between the CB’s to build up play, with a massive emphasis on using the pace and attacking instincts of Djadjedje down the right with Thauvin, while Pierre-Andre Gignac play almost as a left forward – playing on the far side to attack crosses.

When they attack from wide areas, they like to play 2v1 against the full back, with at least 3 and normally 4 or 5 inside the box, positioned within 3 key zones, and often looking for loose balls from other positions inside the

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Using Width in Attack

By Lawrence Fine, Author of the FineSoccer Coaching Bible.

Welcome to the FineSoccer Drills Newsletter. Today’s featured activity works on using the width of the field in attack.

This activity uses half a field with a full sized goal. The field is broken into thirds with two lines going from the end line to the the midfield line 10 yards in from each end line. There is a keeper in each goal and an attacking player in each wide zone. In the middle zone is a 3 v 4.


The rules in this game are quite simple. No defending player can enter either wide area until

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2 v 1 Out Wide and 2 v 1 in the Box

Welcome to the FineSoccer Drills Newsletter.  Today’s featured activity works on 2 v 1 out wide  and 2 v 1 in the box.

This activity uses half a field and has a full sized goal with a keeper in it.  A center midfielder (or center back) starts in the middle with some balls.  There is a 2 v 1 out wide on each side and a 2 v 1 in the box

The central player starts by playing the ball out

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