Footwork, Recovery and Shot Blocking

Welcome to the Goalkeeping Newsletter.  Today’s featured activity works on footwork, recovery and shot blocking.

Start with 4 balls making a square 10 yards apart.  A keeper is in goal and a server is inside the D with some balls.

The server calls a number and the keeper has to sprint to that ball and make a breakaway save on the ball.

The keeper makes the save on the stationary ball then must get up quickly, get back to goal to make the save on a shot from the server

The keeper makes the save, returns the ball to the server and then gets ready to go again.

The server doesn’t go in order in terms of which ball the keeper has to sprint to first so the keeper has to stay focused and make the right decision.

This is an excellent way to work on recovery runs and quick movements combined with shot blocking.

Have a great day!


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