Adjusting Your Position For Shots at Angles

Welcome to the Goalkeeping Newsletter.  Today’s featured activity works on shot blocking, footwork and angles.

Start with a keeper in goal and a few field players on one corner of the 18 with balls.

The first field player starts dribbling across the 18.  With each step the keeper has to re adjust his positioning

At any point the player with the ball can shoot for goal

Most shots will go toward the far post but if the field player notices the keeper has been dragged too far across, he will shoot near post

As soon as the shot is hit (and hopefully saved) the keeper sprints back to the near post for the next player to go.

The keeper is working on keeping a good position and adjusting accordingly based on position of the player with the ball and not getting caught too far either near post or fat post.

Make sure you do this from both sides.

Have a great day!


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