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Advanced Tactics for the 4-2-3-1

The 4-2-3-1 formation has become the system of choice for many of the worlds top professional and national teams like Real Madrid, Manchester United and Brazil. As coaches at every level have watched these top teams play they have looked for ways to implement the system with their college, high school and youth teams.


The first step in introducing a new way of playing s to break the system down and identify the most important components. The was done very well by

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Diamond Drills

One of the perks of my job is that I get to see the sessions of some of the top coaches from around the world and then I can do that session with my youth teams. Sometimes I adjust the size of the areas or add neutral players to make the session work for my players but they are able to benefit from the basic ideas and the kids enjoy hearing that they're doing the same practice as professional or youth players from prominent clubs around the world.

I was looking through, 'Training Sessions of English Professional League Team', and came across a session from Sheffield United's U15 team. I've done a number of different diamond drills with my team and the variations in this

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How Will England Do In the World Cup?

There are a two main reasons (excuses) that England rarely do well in the World Cup or Euro Championships.  I actually agree with both of them. Weather - The majority of the English season is spent in cool or cold temperatures with wind and rain.  Obviously the training sessions are done in the same weather. 

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Special Atmosphere/Pressure For Playoff Games

I am writing this as I watch the Man City v Tottenham game.  It's 2.15 pm here in the Midwest and it's a good job I got most of my work done earlier in the day as I'm not getting much done right now.  I thought I would write about the distinct pressure and atmosphere

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Thoughts On the Last Week of the EPL

Well, the final week of the EPL season is upon us and here are some random thoughts. Even though the Championship will be decided with the final games (Chelsea and Man U), I don't feel any real suspense.  Unless there is a major disaster, Chelsea should have no problem with Wigan.  This makes Man U's

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A Set Play That Works

I love set plays.  Well, let me clarify that.  I love well thought out set plays.  They don't necessarily have to work because let's face it they don't always work.  But the well thought out set plays show some creativity.  Anything is better than the mind numbing default crosses from wide positions or shots from

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How Can Clubs Compete With the Big Four In the EPL?

Since Sky brought big time money into the Premier League, it has really changed the landscape of who is capable of winning the EPL. Before Sky...let's say the early 90's and before (the old First Division), teams like Leeds United, Nottingham Forest, Everton, Aston Villa and in the early 70's, Derby County all were English

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