Thoughts On the Last Week of the EPL

Well, the final week of the EPL season is upon us and here are some random thoughts.

Even though the Championship will be decided with the final games (Chelsea and Man U), I don't feel any real suspense.  Unless there is a major disaster, Chelsea should have no problem with Wigan.  This makes Man U's game irrelevant.  Of course, Chelsea could choke with the pressure but that is highly unlikely.

The better game is for fourth place between Man City and Tottenham.  This is huge for both clubs with a prize of Champions League football next season on the line.  Probably more of the pressure will be on Man City as they are at home and with all the money they have spent, not making the Champions League would be a major setback.  Really looking forward to that game.

Is this the beginning of the end for Liverpool?  They have always been regarded as one of the "big four", but over the past few years, have really struggled to compete for the top spot.  Man U, Chelsea and Arsenal have all been in with a chance of the title at some point, but not Liverpool.  They also seem to lack the investment that the other three clubs have and along with some really poor buys by Rafa, they have steadily declined over the past few years to a 7th place finish.  I wonder if they will get back to being one of the "big four"?

How to players like Torres and Gerrard feel not playing Champions League football next season?  My guess is Torres will end up somewhere else, although there are few clubs that have the money to buy him and pay him.  I'm not sure what Gerrard will do unless something happens like Mourinho going to Real Madrid and putting in a offer for him.

So with relegation settled and the FA Cup not being what it used to, I will start looking forward to the World Cup after the week is done.

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