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Real Madrid v Atletico Madrid-05-24-2014

HOW THE MATCH WAS WON by Keith Scarlett UEFA Champions League Final Saturday, 24 May, 2014 Estadio da Luz; Lisbon, Portugal Real Madrid 4v1 Atletico Madrid The Champions League is always a very exciting competition, but this most recent campaign provided a few more edge of the seat moments than most other campaigns have given us. After

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Advanced Tactics for the 4-2-3-1

The 4-2-3-1 formation has become the system of choice for many of the worlds top professional and national teams like Real Madrid, Manchester United and Brazil. As coaches at every level have watched these top teams play they have looked for ways to implement the system with their college, high school and youth teams.


The first step in introducing a new way of playing s to break the system down and identify the most important components. The was done very well by

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Play Like Champions League Teams

There is no question that the world's best teams play regularly in the Champions League. And one of the great thing about the Champions League is the diverse tactics employed by the various teams. Barcelona have their style, Man U play with a 4-4-2 or the variant 4-5-1, Bayern Munich play with their familiar German style, Chelsea with a 4-3-3 and so on.

All the styles obviously have some merit because the teams are all successful in their own leagues and to a certain extent, in the Champions League. But as a coach, what style is the most effective? What style should you adopt for your own team? No one can answer these questions for you, but most experts will say that whatever style of play you prefer, it will have to be flexible enough to fit the kind of players you have in your team.

Our book, Champions League Tactics, gives you an in-depth look at the methods, tactics and systems of play from the best known coaches and clubs in the world. The book begins with a overview of the characteristics and tendencies of

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Is Mourinho At Fault

UEFA has charged Jose Mourinho with improper conduct following the controversial second yellow cards earned by Xabi Alonso and Sergio Ramos in Real Madrid's 4-0 victory at Ajax in last weeks Champions League game.  Here is the situation. Both players had been yellow carded earlier in the game (Mourinho claims they were "soft" debatable decisions). 

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Is the Two Extra Officials Experiment In Champions League Games Working?

I'll keep this short and sweet.  Is the experiment in the Champions League games of having the two additional officials on each goal line working?  I don't recall seeing them having to make a crucial decision in any of the games I have seen.  So no game changing decisions either way. Has anyone seen anything

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The Special One

Okay, it's only another Champions League title (can it be described that way?), but my opinion of Jose Mourinho have sky rocketed after Inter won the Champions League this weekend. The "Special One" can certainly be described that way now.  Let's look at some reasons why. He has generated success with three different clubs, winning

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Blackpool v Cardiff or Champions League Final?

I wrote about the special intensity and atmosphere at playoff games earlier.  There is just something special about the all or nothing outcomes of these games that make them such a pressure game that isn't replicated in cup finals. I am writing this on Friday night, so it is before the Champions League final and

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Special Atmosphere/Pressure For Playoff Games

I am writing this as I watch the Man City v Tottenham game.  It's 2.15 pm here in the Midwest and it's a good job I got most of my work done earlier in the day as I'm not getting much done right now.  I thought I would write about the distinct pressure and atmosphere

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Thoughts On the Last Week of the EPL

Well, the final week of the EPL season is upon us and here are some random thoughts. Even though the Championship will be decided with the final games (Chelsea and Man U), I don't feel any real suspense.  Unless there is a major disaster, Chelsea should have no problem with Wigan.  This makes Man U's

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