Is This the Worst Miss Ever?

I couldn't help posting this.  I've given it some thought and I can't come up with a missed goal chance worse than this that I can remember.  Check it out at about 1 min 25 seconds.

I know there must have been other incredible goal line misses that you have seen over the years either on TV or in games you have coached. Post any in the comments.  I remember two in particular.

1.  I was coaching a U12 boys team and we were in the final of a tournament in Tulsa.  We were losing 2-1 and it was in the last minute.  We had a corner and put a good ball into the box, the ball bounced around a little and came to one of our players who was a 3 feet from the goal...and he somehow managed to hit it over the bar.  At practice the following week, we tried to recreate the same situation and the player had numerous attempts but couldn't get it over the bar.  Pretty amazing.

2.  My U14 girls were playing in the 3rd group game at Regionals against JB Marine.  We needed a tie to go through to the semi's.  We were playing well and looking good at 1-0 up when JB Marine scored a long cross/shot in the last 5 minutes to tie the game.  They they threw everything at us and in time added on, they put in a low cross that somehow our GK let go pass her right to the JB player at the far post about 2 yards out.  All she had to do was tap it in the goal but somehow she shanked it just outside the post.  We went on to win Regionals and the National Championship that year.  But it just shows how luck plays a part.  If the JB player had just tapped it was harder to miss than to score...we wouldn't have even got out of our group at Regionals.

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