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One of the benefits of coaching within a large club is the opportunity for continued coaching education from the Technical Director. The club I coach with is Sporting Blue Valley, an affiliate club of Sporting Kansas City of the MLS. Peter Vermes is the Technical Director and Head Coach for Sporting Kansas City but also oversees Sporting Blue Valley as it's Technical Director.

At least one each season Vermes will conduct a session with all of the coaches in the club that covers a specific topic. This not only serves to emphasize the technical or tactical areas that he and the Technical Staff feel are important but also gives the coaches examples of exercises that can be used if future training sessions.


An example of one of these sessions will appear in the February edition of WORLD CLASS COACHING Magazine that will be added to the Member Drills Database. Here is a part of that session on passing and receiving.



Two players stand 5 yards apart and pass the ball back and forth with two touches from one player’s right foot to the other player’s right foot and left foot to left foot.

Coaching Points

  • Be on your toes and ready to move
  • Move to meet the ball, pass and return to your starting position
  • Focus on proper technique with each settle and pass


  • Receive with one foot and pass with the other
  • One-touch

Passing and Receiving Technique #1


Player 2 starts between two cones while Player 1 stands with the ball 5 yards away at a single cone.  As Player 1 passes to the right, Player 2 moves to settle the ball and pass it back to Player 1.  After passing, Player 2 shuffles across to the left and receives another pass, settles it and passes back.  Switch Player 1 and 2 after 20 seconds to a minute depending on the age and fitness level of your players.

Coaching Points

  • Settle and pass the ball with your “outside” foot
  • Both players much focus on the technique of each settle and pass
  • Don’t Kill the Cones!

**To adjust this exercises for younger players, have the server roll the ball with his hands until they are able to control and pass accurately enough for Player 2 to receive good passes.

Passing and Receiving Technique #2


Next, the server uses his hands to throw the ball for Player 2 to volley back with the inside of the foot

Have the players count how many balls are not played back to the servers hands and have them complete some type of penalty (ie pushups) for each mistake.  This will focus the players and motive them focus on their technique.


  • Control with the thigh and volley back with the inside of the foot
  • Control with the chest and volley back with the inside of the foot

Look for the rest of this session in the February Edition of WORLD CLASS COACHING in the Member Drills Database.

Have a great day!


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