Soccer Agility, Lateral One Step and Sprint

Lateral movement forms a major part of speed during soccer, specifically during ball control. If a player possesses the skill of moving laterally, then opponents can be avoided. It is highly beneficial to forwards who need to make repeated runs with lateral movement in between. Here is an exercise that will help to improve speed and balance while changing direction: Lateral One Step and Sprint.


-        To teach athlete to maintain speed and balance, while changing direction of movement.

Coaching Cues:

-        Push off with outside foot.

-        Stabilize with landing foot

-        Drive through with inside foot


-        Sprint 5m forward to first cone, at cone driving off outside foot step once laterally off right foot landing and stabilizing on your left and then driving off on your right foot.

Athletic Focus – This exercise is an entry level agility drill though is highly specific for soccer athletes. This drill could be implemented first followed by a similar drill with a ball incorporated. This could involve the athlete placing the ball on the first cone and rolling it over the boot to the second followed by the final sprint which would create a more relative environment. However, we believe it is important to teach this movement without the ball first to get the best results.

Click here to watch a video of this drill.


Stewart Briggs, BHMS, M.Ed., C.S.C.S, PSP

Managing Director at Acceleration

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