Positioning and Reading the Game

Welcome to the Goalkeeping Newsletter.  Today’s featured activity works on positioning, reading the game, communicating and shot blocking.

This is a 3 v 2 activity with a keeper in goal and uses half a field.

The player in the middle starts with the ball and can initiate the attack with a dribble.

or a pass

The keeper has to quickly organize the defense and try to force the ball to one side and try to eliminate at least one of the options.

While it’s common to think of 3 v 2 attacks as a way to work with attacking players or with defending players it’s also extremely important to think of this type of activity as a goalkeeping activity as well.  A keeper will need to be prepared to address the type of runs in a game that they will see in this activity.  A keeper will need to communicate with the defenders in a game as they will in this type of activity.  A keeper will need to read through balls in a game in the same way they will need to read through balls in this activity.  A keeper will need to deal with shots in a game in the same way they will deal with them in this activity.

The real question is, is this a goalkeeping activity?  Unfortunately, while this type of activity is done by many teams, the keeper is frequently forgotten or ignored so even though they are involved in the activity, it’s typically more as a shot blocker as opposed to a keeper. Think of every activity as a keeper activity and allow your keepers to grow every day.

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