Combining Skill Work With Agility and Fitness

Welcome to the FineSoccer Drills Newsletter.  Today’s activity combines simple skill work with agility and fitness.

Start with 6 flags (or cones) staggered to create a “zig zag course”.  The players start at one end and a server starts with a ball in the middle.

The first player in line sprints around the near flag and as he is sprinting to second cone the server tosses a ball for the player to volley back.

The server than backs up and the player goes around the next flag and does the same.

This continues through all of the cones and once done, the next player starts.

If the players are working in groups of 4’s with the server rotating, each player gets plenty of touches while going through at full speed and then gets time to rest as well.

This can be done with volleys, headers, passes on the ground and much more.

If we can combine fitness and technical work it creates a more realistic situation (players in a game will be moving and will be fatigued so while they will not be running around flags it does create a more realistic situation.

Have a great day!


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