Explosive Agility into 2v1

By Daniel Severn

This week’s exercise focuses on explosive agility before attacking in a 2v1 situation. Explosive agility, speed and power are key aspects of the top soccer players games. This exercise will help you to develop explosiveness in a high tempo situation.

Set Up and Directions
The exercise is set up as shown below, showing the coach with a ball. There are two attackers in black and one defender in yellow.


Play begins on the coach’s call and all players perform agility before they can receive the ball. The defender must shuffle through the cones. Attacker one jumps over the cones and the second attacker sprints around the flagpoles. As the players get to the end of their agility, the coach feeds a pass to one of the attackers.


The attackers then work together to score on the big goal. Try to limit the passes, or add a time limit to encourage speed of play and make it more game realistic.

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Play ends when the ball goes out of play, the attackers score or the defender steals the ball and scores in one of the mini goals. The defender can use the goalkeeper to restart his attacks.

You can keep a continuous rotation with this exercise. The break between plays moving to the next position or returning to the original position will be enough rest.
If you rotate, allow a walk to the next station.
If you keep them at the same station, play 5-7 times before switching the positions to provide continuity.

1 – Change the agility – Hopping, backward shuffling etc.
2 – 3v1 / 2v2 Situation.

I hope you enjoy the exercise!

Program Director
BRASA Brazilian Soccer Academy

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