Midfielders and Forwards Combination Play

Welcome to the FineSoccer Drills Newsletter.  Today’s featured activity works on midfielders and forwards working together in combination play.

We want our players to get accustomed to looking for combination opportunities so in these activities we recreate various ones.

Starting with 4 attacking players and a keeper.  One player is a forward, one is an outside midfielder and 2 are central midfielders.

The first combination simply is a pass into the target player who then lays the ball off to the other center midfielder who finds the outside midfielder running down the sideline.  The outside midfielder crosses the ball into the box for a finish

Next is similar but now the center midfielder who made the initial pass overlaps the outside midfielder

Now we have a diagonal run from the far inside midfielder.

Next we go with crossing runs between the outside midfielder and the inside midfielder.

There are many other combinations we could add in.  The objective here is for the players to understand there are different ways to attack and they don’t all involve straight runs or straight passes.

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