What Should Replace the PK Shootout?

Last week I posted on our Facebook page about Sepp Blatter investigating the idea of something different than penalty kicks to decide a game that is still tied after 90 min. He asked Franz Beckenbauer and his committee to research and come up with ideas and alternatives.

I asked our Facebook fans to post their ideas and here are some of them. What ideas do you have to solve this problem?

Aaron Frederickson Play golden goal 11 v 11. Every five minutes each team loses a player.

Katy Morrow Stigers This is a tough one because, if the debate is anything like the goal line one, they'll want something easy to implement throughout the various levels of soccer. I'll suggest instead of penalty kicks, we borrow a bit of the spirit of the American football overtime system, and isntead of a penalty kick, we offer the teams the chance to start from a corner kick rather than a kick off.After the first corner kick goes out of play a second corner kick is placed on the opposite side of the field.

Hr Bramer ‎3 vs 2 plus keeper. Goes three rounds lat with four strikers. All players in the 11 are involved is the one of the team reduced, then the team is reduced. Most scored wins!!

Hr Bramer Corner competition: Attacker outnumbers Defenders 5 corner kicks each(ec. 5-3), ball is dead when it leaves the penalty area after it has been kick ind.

Hr Bramer American penalties! goes from the middle! after 2 seconds a defender is allowed to chaise..

John P. Seipp Aaron has it right. I have played in a league that used a similar system. Successive 5-minute OT periods of Golden Goal, with each team losing 2 players at the end of each period. So 5 minutes of 9v9, then of 7v7, etc. Start that instead of the 30 minutes of 11v11 and you will have a quicker resolution and it will still be decided by the ability to play the game. (No subbing except at intervals between periods!)

Robert Schretzmayer ‎9v9 golden goal

Antonio Almeida Golden goal from the 90th minute until there is a winner...no limit of over times...one additional sub per 15 minutes played - mandatory before it starts. Keep the game 11v11 intact...adding fresh players will speed the game up. Since 18 are rostered, then only 4 fresh ones will be allowed. If a team loses player for whatever reason unless they have not subbed they must wait for the next 15 minutes period to start.

Daniel Severn Rolling 'over-time' like they do with ice hockey and basketball in USA. Granted, everyones exhausted after 90 minutes and extra time is draining too...but maybe its fairer than penalties?
In fact, on that thought, I do think penalties is fair - both teams have to deal with the same situation, now its a case of who is more fatigued, focused, practiced from the spot etc.

I don't think we should make a change - but if there HAS to be a change made, rolling extra-time could be a good solution. Maybe allow an extra substitution per 15 min half of extra time or something?

It would be pretty crazy/cool seeing a world cup decided by a '160th-minute-winner!' (In 'triple-OT' as the americans say!)

Mats Wichmann Golden goal went away because people felt it made teams play too defensively in extra time: if you play positively and attack, you could lose on a counter with no chance to respond. I'm not sure how accurate that was, but any kind of golden goal proposal is going to have to convince FIFA that problem is addressed, or it's DOA. So guys, how about it: how would your GG proposal fix that?

Pete Bolin pick 5 from each team and play 5v5 on a short field for 25 min golden goal.

Jason Matischok Replace penalties with 1v1+GK, attack vs defence plus a GK. Each team has 5 attacking plays and 5 defending. The 10 outfield players left on the pitch would all then get to play in either a defence or attack role (if a red card, then one player can play as a defender and attacker) i.e. no players getting out of it! Set limit of time, e.g. 15seconds, or until ball goes out of play, to score. Best from 5 wins. sudden death if scores level. Could even replace extra time and play straight from 90 mins.

Chris Ryder Anything artificial like pks, corners is a joke. It must be somewhat like the natural game or our sport will continue to be made fun of. Does anyone have the numbers how many times an unending overtime goal went past 4 hrs?

Skip Felano I've played in tournaments with varied formats and my favorite is "No offside" . 1) Play the original 90'. 2) Two 10' overtimes. 3) Give an additional 3 substitutions and repeal the offside law. Let the game play wide open. Less whistles + less compact= result.

Don Smith Unlimited subs after 90'. Golden goal.

Mike Saif

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