Goalkeeper Recovery

Welcome to the Goalkeeping Newsletter.  Today’s featured activity works on keeper recovery.

A server starts around the top of the 18 with a ball.  The keeper starts on the ground off on an angle from the goal (in this graphic the keeper has a ball but in the activity he would not)

The server calls “go” and shoots on goal.  The keeper has to get up sprint/scramble and make the save

The keeper next starts from a different angle (and doesn’t have to be on the ground)

The reality is while we would like for a keeper to always be able to start in a good position and have the angle worked out, it’s not uncommon for the keeper to be out of position for some reason and have to scramble to recover.

Having the keeper prepared for situations they might encounter in the game situations will allow them to know how to deal with those situations while under pressure

Have a great day!


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