Four Times 2v2+5

By Alex Trukan

This practice is focused on maintaining quick recovery between high intensity actions. This will ensure that even towards the end of the match, players will be able to produce more high intensity bursts and will recover between them quickly. From technical point of view, this possession game improves passing, possession and support play. It challenges players’ decision making and forces them to play when matched up and overloaded in one practice.

Set up and directions
Set up four 8x8 yards boxes next to each other as shown on the diagram below. Divide the team into three groups – two groups of eight and one group of five. Two groups of eight should then further split to ensure there is 2 players from each group in every square. The group of five is neutral and they float between all the squares. Every square starts with one ball. Prepare additional balls to supply if required.

The game starts with team in possession (2v2 in each square) trying to keep the ball in their square and make 5 passes to score one point. The other team in the square tries to win the ball back and also complete 5 passes to score one point.

Five neutral players float between all the squares and support the team in possession. This will create various overloads on the pitch.

Neutral players have to float between all the squares. To make sure they change the squares, a rule might be introduced where neutral players can only have max. 3 touches in one square.

The practice should be continued for 4-8 minutes and repeated 4-6 times. The rest period between repetitions should be 2 minutes.

- Max. 3 touches to use for neutral players in the square before they have to change it
- 1v1/3v3 in the squares
- Neutral players have to play off one touch

By Alex Trukan, Development Coach, Nottingham Forest - @AlexTrukan

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