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What Should Replace the PK Shootout?

Last week I posted on our Facebook page about Sepp Blatter investigating the idea of something different than penalty kicks to decide a game that is still tied after 90 min. He asked Franz Beckenbauer and his committee to research and come up with ideas and alternatives.

I asked our Facebook fans to post their ideas and here are some of them. What ideas do you have to solve this problem?

Aaron Frederickson Play golden goal 11 v 11. Every five minutes each team loses a player.

Katy Morrow Stigers This is a tough one because, if the debate is anything like the goal line one, they'll want something easy to implement throughout the various levels of soccer. I'll suggest instead of penalty kicks, we borrow a bit of the spirit of the American football overtime system, and isntead of a penalty kick, we offer the teams the chance to start from a corner kick rather than a kick off.After the first corner kick goes out of play a second corner kick is placed on the opposite side of the field.

Hr Bramer ‎3 vs 2 plus keeper. Goes three rounds lat with four strikers. All players in the

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