Making Far Post Crosses Work For You

Welcome to the FineSoccer Drills Newsletter.  Today’s featured activity works on balls over hit to the far post.

One of the most difficult ball to deal with is the ball served far post that is over hit.

If the attacker can get to the ball they tend to try to go for goal and they have no angle and end up giving up a goal kick

The better option is to try to play the ball back and across the goalmouth and hope a teammate can get on the end of it

To work on this start by having a server play balls deep to the far post and have the runner play the ball back and across the goalmouth

Unless the server is extremely talented in their ability to cross the ball, have them toss the ball for more consistency.

Next, add one defender inside the 6 yard box

This defender starts between the two attackers and tries to win any of the passes

This is an extremely difficult thing to do so the key is to be patient with the players and let them work out the problems as they arise.

Have a great day!


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