Judging and Catching High Balls

Welcome to the Goalkeeping Newsletter.  Today’s featured activity works on judging and catching high balls.

One of the difficulties keepers have in dealing with high balls is they have to first judge the ball, figure out where it’s coming down and then go up and catch the ball.  Here is a simple activity that can be done by keepers of all ages.

Start with a keeper with a ball in his hands and a server 10 yards away also with a ball in his hands (in the diagram below, the red player is the keeper).

The keeper starts by tossing his ball, high, in the air.

The server then tosses the ball, chest height, to the keeper.

The keeper catches the ball and then tosses it back to the server

The keeper then must locate the high ball, get behind the ball and then go up and catch it properly.

This activity would be repeated with the server playing different balls (rolling, bouncing etc) to make it more difficult for the keeper to keep an eye on the high ball.

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