Fitness, Change of Direction and Finishing

Here is a shuttle activity that works on fitness, change of direction and finishing.

Start with 4 balls in a line.  One is on the 12 yard spot, one is halfway from the 12 to the 18.  One is on the top of the 18 and one is at the top of the D.  A keeper is in goal and the player is at a line 10 yards from the closest ball.
The player starts by sprinting to the ball at the 12 yard spot and hitting a  first time shot.

The player then runs backwards back to the starting line.

The player then sprints to the next ball and shoots first time

This is repeated through the third and fourth ball.  Really emphasize the importance of sprinting both forwards and backwards at full speed and changing direction from backwards to forwards as quickly as possible.

The one thing to be careful of in this activity is to encourage the player to follow through properly and not cut their follow through short in order to get back quicker.  Also, make sure they are focusing on making sure all shots are on goal.  As they get tired their third and fourth shots will get more erratic.  Make sure this doesn’t happen and really work on them to focus as much as possible to keep their shots on goal.

Have a great day!


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